A new direction…

Hello fellow bloggers.. As the year progresses I’ve come to a new decision. I’m going back to school. I need a new challenge and I believe I will find it there. Nothing to drastic, just to improve on the skills that I already have. So looking to take some photography classes and a few drawing and painting classes. I need to fuel my creative side seeing how a lot of it has been burned and jaded due to experiences in my life.


On a good note there are a few projects in the works to help with my goals. My own personal 2 coffee table books that I am working on, 1 gallery submission, and 2 books from a couple of old friends that I am illustrating. I really need to stop procrastinating… work to do. Time to wake my ass out of this funk. 🙂


Brand New for 09′

Hello again WordPress/Blogworld. It’s the beginning of a new year and the creative juices are beginning to start anew. Plenty of shoots and I shall resume drawing again. I’m getting the urge to revive some of my characters/alter egos and continue with my small graphic novel. The past few months have been a very stressful and are testing my limits. Moving to NYC has had some hardships but I’m staying positive and am happy for all the support from my family and friends. This is the year for change. Something I’m not too comfortable with but as other things in my life have changed so must I. In the meantime sit back and enjoy the ride. I’m going to have some green tea and plot my takeover of the world. 😉

The things we do to survive

Hello Blog world. Been a minute since I been on. I’ve been sick for the past few days. Probably cause I been working really hard and horrible hours. Anyhoo… Just to get it out of my system I feel like ranting about a few things. So, where do I start? How about my daughter? I love her to death and she is my heart. I think it’s funny she is following in my footsteps. I look at the way she acts in school and at home and I think back to my own life growing up. Hopefully she won’t make the same mistakes I did and grows up happy and knows how much she is loved.

Speaking of loved, that brings me to my “other” love. I met a beautiful woman with a wonderful heart. My last relationship had me feeling empty after 5 years and I thought I’d never feel this way again. I’ve had a difficult time with women. Issues of trust, lack of confidence (theirs), and abandonment kept me from fully opening up to them and therefore being “in love.” Now I find a different set of obstacles in my way of happiness. Crappy job, tons of bills, and no funds to accomplish my goals. Now the last year of my marriage I suffered from depression. Not suicidal or severe self destructiveness but bad enough that I did not want to do anything. But, I’ve pulled myself together and slowly I’m getting to where I want to be. Just that after feeling down so long I’ve grown a little impatient. I want my cake now damn it. 😐  

Hello world!

Hello World Press!! I’m “very” new here. Trying something different to get the cobwebs out of my head. I’m not used to writing but have many wild and rambling thoughts. A little about me… Not the most “social” of people, I’m very unsure of how to interact but am a riot once I get going. Love looking at people for their uniquness and diversity. It’s probably why I like photography. 😉 An artist at heart I love to draw and paint. I dream of one day owning my own gallery/studio. I love to travel but have only been to a few places, looking to change that over the next few years. Proud parent and soon to be “Husband” to a wonderful woman. Excited to see what life has in store for me over the next 50+ years. 😀